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Scales are presented here in four levels. You may read them from the screen, or download them as .pdf files. You may require the free Adobe Reader to view .pdf file: you may download it here:

Level One scales are intended for beginning clarinet students, and introduce both scales and long tones suitable for the first few weeks of study.

Level Two includes major and melodic minor scales through four shaprs and flats. These scales should be practiced both slurred and tongued, increased in speed to moderate cut-time, and memorized.

Level Three are the famous Klose set, including all major and melodic minor scales. Play at least two scales to each breath, increasing that number as the tempo is increased. Alternate slurred and tongued; for a better workout play once through slurred and once through tongued.

Level Four contains all major, melodic minor, and harmonic minor scales.A useful way to play them: play the major scale twice in one breath, once slurred and once tongued. Breathe and then immediately play both minors in one breath, one of them slurred and one tongued. Memorize the set, and remember to play them in different orders so you don't become dependent on seeing them in this order.